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Best Signage Care and Maintenance Advice and Info

Signage is not something that will last forever. However, Prestige signs maintenance service can give your signs the care and love they deserve. We know the importance of regular maintenance. We offer a variety of maintenance contracts to ensure your signage looks its best. It is a smart business decision to make sure that your signage looks great and maintains its safety principles, so here are some tips for signage maintenance below

Why not keep your signage up?

Signage maintenance is a legal requirement. It is not an option. Sign owners are ultimately responsible for their sign’s safety and upkeep. They will also need to inspect and repair it if necessary. After installation, Prestige signs will provide ongoing maintenance services. Our maintenance team can help you keep your signs safe, clean, and functional.

Why not keep your signage with us!

Since the inception of Prestige signs, we have been in business for over two decades. A clean and well-maintained sign is just as important as your car’s maintenance. It can reflect your personality and affect the life expectancy of the vehicle. A clean sign is easier to read and will help you to project a positive image to all your customers. Here are some tips for signage maintenance and care:

Because interior and exterior building signage can be made with a variety of substrates and finishes, different signs will require a different cleaning procedure. If you have any questions, Prestige signs will be happy to help you determine the best way to care for your custom sign.


Signage for exterior includes channel letters and monuments. These signs are typically made from high density urethane or aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless steel.

Do Not

Use abrasive cloths, sponges, scrubbing brushes or detergents.

Do not use cleaning cloths for surfaces other than your own. This could lead to unintended chemical reactions.

Signs can be steam cleaned or pressure washed.


Wash your clothes seasonally.

Clean water and car shampoo are recommended, as this detergent contains a protective oil. Protective wax should be applied only to certain materials. If you are unsure if your exterior sign is in this category, please consult one of our sign specialists.

To get the best clean, remove any excess parts such as hardware and frames.

To avoid any damage to the substrate, carefully read all detergent ingredients.

Be extra cautious when working with dimensional letters or other raised surfaces.

Interior Signage

Interior signage includes ADA signs with and without braille, lobby signage, office directories and window graphics. It also includes front desk signs, wayfinding signage, wayfinding signs and other signs installed indoors. These signs are usually made from acrylic, resin, or vinyl.

Do Not

You can either air dry the sign or leave it moist.

You can scrub areas with numbers, letters, symbols, and raised braille lettering.

Use industrial strength detergents or rubbing alcohol.

Use steel wool or scrub brushes.

Use abrasive paper towels and rags to scrub the area.

You can see the detergent globs all over the sign from excessive use.

To remove residue, use squeegees and razor blades.

Let the sign dry completely before applying cleaning products.


Seasonally dust and clean – a deep cleaning is essential to keep your sign healthy. At a minimum, this should be done four times per year.

Take out any paper inserts. Make sure the cloth is not soaking wet. This will prevent the deterioration of interchangeable names and keep them dry.

To remove dust from crevices on signs with dimensional letters (wall signs or reception signs), use a non-abrasive, clean cotton cloth or an air duster.

To clean up any residue, use mild soap (detergents like Dawn or Palmolive) that has been diluted with lukewarm to dissolve it.

You can work in smaller areas, one at a time.

Use a soft fabric to absorb the detergent.

If your office is located in a humid environment, keep signs clean and dry.