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Technology Improvement With Payroll Operations

Businesses adapting to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic found hope in the advent of technology. Human resource-related technologies enabled executives and the workforce to sustain their operations via work from home setup and other viable approaches, a different scheme from the usual physical interactions.

Software company Sage found that 83 percent of HR leaders stated that technology paved the way for responsiveness and flexibility to adjust in a whole new working environment. Meanwhile, 81 percent said that techs played a vital role during these trying times.

Technological platforms boost HR processes, especially payroll management that needs modern technology to become successful. The shift from the erstwhile manual processes to tech-based payroll solutions that offer accuracy, efficiency, and speed of paycheck computation and distribution is becoming the new norm at the expense of security, privacy, and cost concerns.

As changes in the future are hard to predict, there are some trends already emerging, and as a business owner, do not take these developments for granted as they could potentially affect the HR technology landscape.

Resorting to cloud computing

Cost-saving and flexibility are the two best words to describe the advantages cloud computing can bring for the business.

As growth is imperative to entrepreneurial success, businesses will not have trouble expanding their cloud-based payroll software. It does not need extra hardware and little to no software purchase or lease. Cloud services benefit small to mid-sized businesses with lean finance, and IT functions the most through automatic and routine software updates.

The cloud software’s built-in tax compliance function also keeps the company updated with the latest labor and employment regulations that it should follow.

Activating artificial intelligence for hiring processes

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help HR professionals and the business industry hire the best recruits that fit the job. And that is the reason why business owners and managers favor it.

Before, HRs preferred outsourcing their recruitment processes to hiring solutions Fort Myers, FL. But now, as AIs can do the candidate screening and handle routine questions among prospects, businesses invest in it. 

However, HR has no room to relax as computers cannot cure workers’ discrimination amid its up-and-coming sophistications. In reality, AI could aggravate the situation as it can become biased. Thus, an experienced human HR expert is still needed to ensure the fairness of talent acquisition.

Assuring cybersecurity

HR teams will play an essential role in terms of protecting their employees from cybersecurity threats. Among the most common threats that alleviate concerns about data breaches are phishing and malware. Hackers target HRs as they know these company employees handle highly confidential information. Therefore, following data security protocols is a must when working from home is still the norm in the upcoming years.  

HR is also required to protect the workforce rendering their service at home. The team should never waver to remind and educate every worker about the best security practices to avoid becoming prey to identity thieves and other illegal online activities. Developing role-based access controls would benefit the business as it will restrict the data that employees can access and depends only on their specified duties.

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