How You Can Use Science for Tax Returns

How You Can Use Science for Tax Returns

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In scientific language, and often also in administrative language, imposed is that part of the private wealth that the citizens of a state, or those who reside there, must give to it for the satisfaction of public needs of a general nature; tax, on the other hand, is the sum that is paid in consideration for a service which, while bringing an indistinct advantage to all associates, brings a particular and distinct advantage to those who profit from it.

All about Tax

The word tax can be understood in a narrow or proper sense, and then it refers only to the remuneration paid for the services rendered by public institutions exercised by the state for essentially political purposes (administration of justice, public education, etc.). But the word tax, it can also be understood in an extended and less proper sense and therefore also includes the remuneration paid for the services rendered by public enterprises (railways, post offices, telegraphs, tramways, municipal baths, etc.), which the state and minor public bodies exercise for economic and social reasons, that is, to substitute a public monopoly for a private monopoly, otherwise inevitable.

  • In both cases the difference between tax and tax consists in that the tax is paid for the satisfaction of collective needs of a general nature (external defense, public security, etc.), of which it is not possible to specify the quantity consumed by each taxpayer, and therefore the price that he must pay; the tax, on the other hand, is the counter-performance that citizens pay to the state for a service, individually requested by themselves, of services of public bodies. Presently the income tax calculator is important.

Contact a tax advisor

Whether you have requested an extension or not, consulting a tax advisor can be beneficial.

When is a tax consultant convenient for the tax return?

  • He wants to verify that he has filled in the declaration correctly.
  • He has a complicated tax situation.
  • His tax situation has changed.
  • He has no desire to deal with taxes.
  • Want to save time.

Where and how do I find a good tax advisor?

If you have decided to rely on a professional to fill out your tax return, you should contact a competent partner and be very careful in your choice. Here are some tips for finding the right consultant for you.

Title – Pay attention to the title used: some terms such as tax expert, tax advisor or fiduciary are not protected in Switzerland. Protected qualifications such as “high school diploma”, “federal diploma” and “federal professional certificate” guarantee a minimum of skills.

Skills – Make sure the expert is familiar with the legislation of your canton.

Sympathy – Trust your gut: trust is very important when it comes to sharing personal financial information with another person.

Tips – Listen to the positive experiences of family and acquaintances.

What do i need to observe to fill out my 2020 tax return?

Pay the invoice by the deadline

It is advisable to respect the terms of tax law both when sending the tax return and when requesting an extension. Of no less importance, then, is the deadline for the payment of the tax invoice.

Attention: The exact dates for submitting tax documents, the extension of the deadline and the payment vary from canton to canton.

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