Why You Should Invest in Facebook marketing For Your Business

Why Facebook Marketing is a Good Investment for Your Business

Facebook ads are a platform that offers a range of highly targeted paid advertisements in Singapore and organic posts that enable advertisers to bring their products and services to a large audience. Over the past decade, Facebook has shifted from the Internet’s most popular media medium to one of the largest markets.

Why is Facebook good for marketing?

Digital marketing includes a range of platforms for creating audience communication: social media, emails, messengers, search engines, SMS, site push notifications, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why Facebook should be considered a platform to develop your business:

  • Has coverage worldwide. Facebook is visited daily by over 1.5 billion people. About 2.3 billion per month. For this considerable audience, more than 7 million active businesses generate advertising.
  • Delivers highly targeted paid advertising. With Facebook Ads, any demographic or behavioural data that users freely share with Facebook, you can tailor your promotions to a particular audience based on gender, age, place, work, interests.
  • Makes it possible to achieve organic reach. If you don’t have money to use Facebook Ads, organically create relationships by sharing on your Facebook page materials that add value to people. Your posts will appear in the newsfeed, but the high competition level will make it more challenging to naturally create an audience.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

We’ll dig deeper into the benefits of using Facebook marketing in Singapore as part of your campaign in this segment. Apart from targeting large audiences, you will know which goals you can accomplish with this platform.

  • Accurate targeting. You already know that Facebook allows users to segment their audience in-depth, but let’s take a closer look at the available choices. Under demographic targeting, an audience with a specific income, education level, life events, relationship status, or work may be chosen. Considering their preferences, such as their favourite movies, sports, hobbies, and shopping habits, you should look for clients. You can also reach customers based on purchase behaviour, intent, use of devices, etc.
  • Support from customers. A lot of individuals prefer to connect via social media with a brand. Calls on the phone have become a thing of the past. Create a Facebook Messenger chatbot to communicate with users based on keywords from their popular queries. “Price,” “delivery,” “payment options,” “purchase,” “book,” etc. can be included. All you need to do is develop a scenario based on FAQs from users and write the answers. Your chatbot will imitate the actual conversation. As a result, there will be time for more complicated problems for your support team, and you can automate routine tasks.
  • Positive SEO impact. Some marketers claim that search social media influence rankings. It is believed that while ranking, robots take your data into account in the About section. Moreover, your engagement with social media contributes a lot. Shares, likes, and comments tell Google that people are interested in and involved with your brand. While there is no clear evidence, it’s not superfluous either.
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